Pet eco???

After having a sebo x4 for over 13 years I was very much spoilt. It would of gone on but it needed an overhaul on parts so I decided to buy another sebo so i ordered the Felix pet eco being a 'a' rated model. What a disappointment. Doesn't pick up the dog hairs on our long pile rug with the brush switched off so I used the attachment for the stairs on the rug. Still dog hairs after so I just use the nozzle of the hose on my hands and knees. The vacuum keeps falling over. Changing heads for wood floor and carpet gets to be a bit annoying esp when in a rush. The lid for the vacuum bag really loose and plastic. When you want to put the handle down to clean the stairs you have to pull out this bit of plastic near the top which feel like you'll break it and the handle is so stiff going up and down. Overall not the vacuum I had expected from sebo.