A great induction hob

I bought this hob as a replacement for one that had broken. I chose this for the price, the larger size and the Active Cook functions. Fitting the hob was very easy and the instructions were clear and easy to follow. I've had the hob for a few weeks now, and am extremely happy with it. The extra width over my previous job has been very useful and allows me to use a few of my bigger pans at the same time, which I wasn't able to do previously. Being able to combine the two left zones into one large one also helps with the use of large pans. I've not used all of the Active Cook functions, but the simmering function has worked well when used. I did purchase the coffee pot specifically for the hob, and the auto cooking function for coffee is brilliant - one of my favourite features! The controls are simple and responsive. I'm very pleased with the hob, and given its price point, it's got a great deal of useful functionality. Highly recommended