If you want the sound of jet engine in your kitchen, go for this

This hood is very loud, and has no discernible quieter setting. It is not possible to maintain a conversation at normal volume when near the hood. Despite the claim that there are 3 speeds, we could only detect 2 different speeds with very little difference in noise between them. The engineer who came out to check the product claimed that this was 'expected'. The product sheet that comes with the appliance states that the min/max dBs are BOTH 60dB and the loudest on 'boost' is 66dB. I've not encountered another hood where the loudness between supposed different min/max settings is the same! The design of the buttons is also poorly thought out. There is no indication from pressing the touch buttons which speed the fan is supposed to be at, so it is not clear whether you have actually changed anything or not (hampered by negligible volume change also). Also, I found that the design of the hood, because it sits between wall cabinets, ends up looking like a big black box from the front and not as sleek as one might expect. I'm also not convinced that with a big panel sat in front of the extraction vents, with no hole though it, that the extraction works as well as it should. Although that is harder to tell. Avoid.