Very stylish, if a bit pricey for what it does

My previous microwave was a Panasonic with a build-in kit, but sadly models of the same size are no longer made, so despite the price I opted for this machine as it meant no complicated alterations to the kitchen. It does look absolutely lovely, and so far I find it easy to use, although not as simple as the push buttons of the old one. It is also a little noisier, but nothing too intrusive. I doubt if I will use the grill or the fancy settings, but they could be useful for others. One star dropped on build quality because my installer heard a rattle and luckily decided to open up the casing; there was a loose screw which should have been attaching the fan housing to the frame. Otherwise it feels pretty solid, and hopefully this does not bode ill for the future - and it does have a 2 year labour/10 year parts warranty which is reassuring. Overall, very pleased.