Upgrading to extend WIFI

I’m using the TP-Link VR900 as an upgrade to help boost the wifi throughout my house, coupled with my main modem/router. The wifi range is showing to be excellent. Previously I’ve used other routers and extenders and found blank spots however with the beamforming technology it has cut these out when on a compatible smartphone. To set this up to use as a replacement for your ISP’s router is very simple, especially if you are with BT, Sky, TalkTalk etc. You simply plug in and navigate through first few menus. Setting this up as an access point took a little more configuration but the feature set is comprehensive and intuitive. I especially like the TP-link app, it gives easy access from a smartphone showing useful information along with a way to quickly share WIFI security information from your phone to visitors. The router is reliable, well made with a well thought out the feature list, this is a perfect upgrade from your basic router.