Shockingly small

Very disappointed with this purchase as the space is very small: main negatives: FRIDGE: the actual shelves are not very deep so there is a good wasted inch at the back and front of the freezer, the bottom drawer is large but has a 'lip' to stop it coming out so you have to awkwardly lift it, hard to do when full of vege, and when pushing back it gets stuck on something catching on the side; filter on top shelf takes lots of room, the top door shelf is very limited and awkward to put jars in. FREEZER: is not full depth, drawers are nearly half of the depth of my old freezer ones!! Plus drawers do not feel solid, just cheap plastic and think will break quite quickly... In other words very disappointed, advise against buying it! The review does not reflect AO but just the product. Delivery was smooth and delivery team were great but just wish they asked me to check it before installing to see if 100% happy with it. If you return before install you get a full refund. So I will be returning mine even if I am loosing some refund on it as it's such a long term purchase that I will use every day so need to meet my household needs.