Impressive for the money

My old Bosch oven finally conked out after 13 years of service. I didn't want to spend a fortune on a new one but found a lot of the cheaper ones either didn't have fan assistance or only one shelf with a mechanical timer that only ran for an hour. After researching this model I decided to purchase it. It has the same cooking options as my old oven but there are some niggles. Once the timer is set it then goes back to the clock unlike my old one which stayed visible until the time was up, also the beep isn't very loud. The touch sensitive panel is not that that sensitive and requires a real hard push to get it change in to the different timer modes. There is no fan to cool the oven down so you need to leave the door ajar. I like the fact it has idents between the temperatures making it easy to set, the push in deals make it very sleek and inside the oven door is a guide to various cooking scenarios along with suggested shelf, temperature and cooking times. I would definitely buy another Amica product,