Best machine I've used

I’ve been using the machine for a few days now and overall it is the best washing machine I have used so far. I am quite surprised because I generally associate Hoover with vacuum cleaners and not washing machines but they have certainly done well with making washing machines that every household should have. The size is perfect for a 5 person family home and the fact that it’s compatible with an app makes life just that little better. Once I set the washing on I can check on it from the hoover app that I downloaded to my phone. The app has a really cool feature which checks the weather daily and suggests the best time to wash your clothes. I can monitor and control the machine from the app when I am out and about. The machine as a large number of features including an easy iron function, economy wash, hand wash cycle and much much more. The machine is really easy to install, so much so I di it myself. I only needed to attach the cold water supply which I simply removed from my old machine. I would recommend this machine without any hesitation, worth the price as well.