Huge upgrade from my previous kindle

So I had been putting off buying a new kindle as my old one still did the job. Then my 12 year old asked for a kindle and instead of buying him a new one, I gifted him mine and treated myself to this little beauty. I feel like I've been living in the dark ages with my 4th gen. The new one boasts a clearer screen with touch abilities, more settings and the big one for me, a front light. It's a lot easier to input text due to the touch screen and it's more responsive than my 4th gen, the settings are easier to access and I can adjust brightness and text size with just a few swipes. The lightweight, slim design makes reading in bed far easier than an actual book, and I no longer require the use of the bedside lamp. Amazon store is easily accessed and it's quick and easy to download new books. I'm yet to try out the other features but I doubt that I'll find any disappointment whilst using them.