Great design and performance

I love this blender!! Its got 1.5l jug that's bpa free - both are important to me as I have a large family and i'm now weaning twins too. My other blender was too small so when making milkshakes i'd have to do them separately and by the time i'd get round to making my own everyone else would have finished theirs. Now we can all enjoy them together!! The jug has a removable section in the lid to add extra ingredients as its blending so there's no need to stop I've made smoothies, milkshakes, soup, fruit purees and pasta sauces with this. I Love it and I love the 1950's design too. ps. it also has a measuring guide in "cups" on the jug along with the usual Litres, ml and oz, which is great when following recipes and I like the cord tidy underneath too.