Looks good, but Neff needs to review their products

We planned our kitchen around the Neff NOB range. So Oven with warming drawer underneath X2 with a steam oven in the middle. Last purchase was the microwave, BUT Neff only do 2 sizes. This is the smallest one and leaves a gap of 45mm when sat in the middle of the the stack of oven and warming drawer either side. The alternative was the taller model. But that is 40 mm taller that the stack either side. Went for the smaller model as it's easier to infill with some fabrication, but it's very small inside and only fits a dinner plate, heating large bowls is out and you'd never use the grill unless it's for sardine, So it really is only a reheat device. Pay the extra it's not much more and go for the taller model. Neff your designers need to look at your sizes and think about how the combinations fit together. If we'd known you'd let us down like this we'd of gone for another manufacturer.