House husband's review of a Candy Wine Cooler

This is an attractive, compact little wine cooler that holds up to 7 bottles. It fit into a small space we had available after installing a new fridge freezer that was smaller than the old one. This is a great option if you don't have space for a large wine cooler or the budget to fill one! The wine cooler gives us more space in the fridge now we don't have to keep wine in there, and also keeps white wine at a better temperature than the fridge, just a couple of degrees warmer but this allows the flavours of the wine to come out properly. The temperature is fully adjustable across a wide range. I particularly like the LED's lights, which make the unit look great with the black surface, smoked glass and chrome shelves, but it is a little fiddly to turn the lights on and off. One thing to note is that although the shelves take most standard sized 70cl bottles, but the more bulbous Prosecco type bottles won't fit.