Amazing Juicer SMEG CJF01

I love this juicer. It's small and compact and it doesn't take up space at all. It looks good in all kitchens. This juicer is wonderful. It works very fast and quickly. It doesn't have a on/off switch. You just plug it in and just press the juicer and it will start to work by pressing down on the juicer. To stop it just lift you hand up. The juicer also vas a anti dust cover with removable dishwashing components. The juicer has a non drip stainless steel anti drip spout, which when you lower the spout the juice will flow instantly. If you keep the spout in the up position, the juice will collect in the small resovoir, then just lower the spout and the juice will flow out very smoothly. My juicer is in cream colour. It has the SMEG logo on both sides of the juicer. The Juicer has a powerful 70 w powerful motor which has a automatic start stop function. Once done juicing. You can lift off the strainer where all the pulp collects and you can easily just rinse it under the tap. This is an amazing juicer perfect for making orange juice, lemon juice and lime juice.