Remote operation and fast pre-heat

Initially I selected this microwave for the remote operation, I connected to the WiFi with ease and actually find I prefer to operate the oven/microwave from my phone. Remote start has to be enabled on the oven but once that is I can preheat the oven while I’m on my way home from the gym or leave a dish in there so I can cook it in time for my arrival. There is also integration with IFTTT so I can use google home and start a preheat using my voice alone or trigger the lights to change colour when the oven is done. I also get push notifications on my phone when the timer is done, the program finishes or the oven has finished preheating. Aside from the tech the oven heats up very quickly and seems to cook evenly, although I do mostly use it for the microwave function as I have another larger oven. The only slight criticism would be that there seems to be a reasonable amount of condensation when I use the microwave but this it not a big issue at all. There is an option to dry it but it didn’t seem to make a great deal of difference.