Life Changing

The Candy Gas hob is unequivocally the best of its kind. The 5 hobs collectively provide enough fire power to heat my whole house and probably my whole street. I have been to the deepest depths of hell and I can assure you, the level of heat can’t even be compared to the Candy CPG75SWPX. The stainless steel finish can only be likened to that of the shimmering Valaryian steel sword used by Jon Snow himself. I sleep easy at night knowing that if a White-Walker ever entered my kitchen, I would be safe. Myself and my family are not sure how we have gone through life without this hob - we can now cook meals effortlessly and I would say that my cooking skills have increased to a standard which the only F word Gordon Ramsey would use to describe is ‘Fantastic’. Consumers make note, I can’t guarantee that the increase in my cooking ability have a direct correlation to the Candy Hob as I am a talented individual in general. My kitchen, my house and my life is now complete. Thank you. You are amazing. Lots of Love. Satisfied Customer xxx