Unbelievable bit of tech!!

To say i'm happy with my DJI Mavic Air is an understatement! I'm a complete newbie when it comes to drones and was worried, as this is my first drone, that it would be too advanced for me - but this thing flies straight out of the box! After a full charge of all the batteries and controller (which took just over an hour using the charging hub) i was flying through the skies with no trouble at all, it basically flies itself! The added functions are genius too! To send the drone up in the air and have it follow me on my bike is a lot of fun and creates amazing footage. Sport mode is insane and the "Asteroid" function creates something unique which blows most people's mind when i show them I cannot recommend this product enough, whether you are a complete beginner like me or have flown drones before this drone will not disappoint! I intend to do film work using the drone as the 4K camera is exceptional and very easy to use. Whether you're looking for a xmas gift for the kids or like me you are just a big kid yourself then this is the drone for you! Happy flying and most importantly fly safe!!