The Perfect security camera

The other day at around 2 am in the morning I think I disturbed a burglar at my home. A man at my door and when I challenged him he hassle got in his vehicle and drove off. Even though I have a security alarm I realised that I need a security camera as well. I wanted one that I could set up myself and control from my iPhone. This was perfect, it was easy to set up and have all the features that are necessary to help keep your home safe. The visual and audio recording is great, I can hear everything outside my front door. Another neat feature is being able to have a two-way conversation with anyone that comes to my door all through the app. The recording quality is amazing and the night mode show faces clear as though it was daytime. It also records audio and what is good is there's no distortion when playback. The best feature though for me is the 100dB siren that you can activate from the app should you see anything suspicious. If I had the camera set up when that suspected person came to my front door it would have been perfect. Yes, it was 2 am and yes it would have woken up the whole neighbourhood but hey, I would have scared the hell out of this guy. I cannot fault this camera and you don't have to break the bank to increase the safety of your home and help protect your family. Just think no matter where you are you can keep an eye on your property. A must buy.