An excellent all round steam oven

Miele ContourLine DG6100 Built In Steam Oven - Clean Steel I hadn’t really heard of stream ovens until about a month ago and I have to say that now I’ve been introduced to one, I can’t get over how brilliantly eclectic and easy to use they are. The initial concept sounded a little confusing to me but once I’d got my head around the timings for steam cooking and the array of food that could be cooked, it actually makes cooking easier for me. Key Features The ContourLine Built In Steam Oven is effortlessly beautiful, stylish and compact while at the same time offering an impressive 38 litre capacity. Its exterior size (H45.6 x W59.5 x D54.9) is deceptive and inside you can actually fit an awful lot to cook for even a large family. Its quick, even distribution of steam, from its 8 steam inlets, helps to retains flavour as well as nutrients and cook food perfectly. There is a temperature sensors at the back of the oven that works out the best temperature and cooking time for when using the Automatic programmes. The steam oven heats up quickly and uniformly across every shelf meaning you can cook whole meals across any shelf and get the same results no matter what you are cooking. This model features Miele’s clever Automatic Plus programme which takes all the guesswork out of cooking. By automatically selecting the optimal temperature and cooking time, this features helps you to cook over 150 different types of food to perfection - guaranteeing succulent meat and crisp vegetables every time. The stylish touch controls make operation really simple too. You can choose to scroll through the pre-set programmes or set the temperature and time manually. Impressively, you can use the ContourLine Steam Oven to do more than just cook your food effortlessly. You can also use it for: defrosting, reheating, bottling, juicing, disinfecting as well as making yoghurt! While I don’t feel this steam oven could ever replace your traditional oven, it’s a brilliant addition to the kitchen and allows me to create really healthy and nutritious meals simply without any fuss. What’s Included? 1 x 2 liter water container 1 x condensate tray (doubles up as cooking container) 1 x 1.7 liter perforated cooking container 2 x 0.9 perforated cooking containers 1 x rack for placing your own cooking containers on Features I Love Automatic Cooking Programmes CleanGlass Door Cooling Fan Multi Steam Technology