There’s nothing I don’t like about this fridge freezer. It was a big step for me to pay this much for a fridge freezer, but you can see why it costs so much. Small things like the easy glide trays which hold the boxes at the bottom of the fridge and in the freezer. The light in the fridge it at the front, not hidden behind your food, it’s so nice and bright you can easily see all your food. The ice making and filtered water was easy for my husband to fit and works perfectly. It is a little deeper than my previous fridge freezer, but some how with it being stainless steel, it doesn’t look that big. The door is soft closing, so if you don’t close it enough, it does just snap shut, no danger of leaving the door open overnight! The controls for the appliance are inside and easy to see, they are very easy to control, and as they are push button, no danger of altering the temperature dial by accident when you are putting the butter back. I have an American style fridge freezer in the utility, so I have a second freezer, if this was you only freezer, I don’t think it would be big enough for a family. I use this freezer in the kitchen for ice, ice creams, lollies etc. I don’t buy much frozen food, but if you did, you would definitely need another freezer. I was buying a lot of ice and bottles water, the water tastes lovely so I won’t need to make those purchases every week now and it’s better for the environment as no more plastic bottles and ice cube bags. This is expensive as far as fridges go, but honestly, I am so glad we made the purchase. It’s an investment piece (I always say that to my husband when he thinks things are too expensive). Worth every penny! Would 100% recommend taking the plunge if you are considering this product.