This is my second induction hob and I don't like it anywhere near as much as the first (which lasted me 10 years before I accidentally broke the glass). It has four induction zones - two medium rings, one large and one small - and the touch controls sited in the middle at the front following the layout of the rings. There's a timer on each zone - great for soup or casseroles - and a residual heat indicator which shows when the zone is still hot to touch after switching off. There is a boost to speed up heating for pans containing large amounts. My grumble with the design is that the smallest ring is at the back and, at 5'2", I can't see into the pans properly. This is especially annoying when trying to make a roux or any sauce which needs constant attention. The controls need considerable pressure to switch on, yet are very sensitive to any subsequent touch. I've unintentionally switched off whole hob many times simply by leaning over to the furthest rings. Annoying. The settings return if you quickly switch back on - except any timings have to be re-programmed. I've also found that you have to balance the power between the zones - you can't, for instance, set every ring to nine at the same time, say of you were cooking a lot of vegetables. However, with induction you do start high and quickly turn down for a simmer so it's a matter of getting used to it. This hob will be fine for anyone 5'4" and over but if you are shorter, look at another brand.