Looks nice, good Hob but could be improved.

The only reason I got this oven hob range is because 1. I was replacing like for like. We inherited the old one with the house when we moved in and the old one had, had it! 2. The only space I had in the kitchen was where the old one had been. So I was stuck with having to buy another range cooker. Cons This one looks very nice but the doors do not shut unless you push then shut quite forceably. Gone are the day's of swinging them shut and them clicking closed by the weight of the swing. They just bounce open again and you need to lean down and by hand push them closed. Very annoying when cooking on a tight schedule. Unlike my previous in cupboard unit AEG single oven unit (which I loved!) this does not have very modern features... no beep or heat up light to indicate when the oven has finished warming up. There's a button you have to push to turn on the light, it doesn't automatically come on when you turn on the oven which I find annoying. The fan oven cooks hotter at the bottom of the oven than at the top! it should be uniform heat throughout! I don't like how there's no in oven grill... there's only the tiny separate grill which means you cannot put larger pots, pans or casserole dishes you've been cooking your meal in straight under to crisp the top. From a cleaning perspective... I haven't tried cleaning it yet but my previous oven had Piro clean which was amazing and nothing will be as easy as that... so not looking forward to it really. Pros On the plus side the hob is the easiest hob I've had to clean only thing was I had to buy some new non copper/ aluminium bottomed pans so that was an extra expense. But putting that aside the hob heats up near on instantly its very easy to use and easy to keep looking shiny clean! I love the roasting swing out shelf. It makes basting the roast so easy not having to lift it out to do so! Also it looks very nice and I really like the colour. It has wheels on the rear so it's easy to manouver into position. Final thoughts... I haven't used all the different functions yet but so far I'd sum up by saying its ok, Great hob, old fashioned ovens and grill they need to update their functions and design. I would have much preferred one side being a large full sized oven with integrated grill. The other side could have the other oven and plate warming oven. Would I recommend it? if you're used to a rangemaster then yes but if you're used to a separate oven and hob and are thinking these look good... no way! not until they make these things more modern in functionality and design.