Absolutely 100% avoid!!!!

After scouring the internet for reviews on this...I came across many reviews that commented on the dodgy seals that this company (SMEG) seem to have issues with. However, I thought spending £2000 on a fridge/freezer would be enough to put my mind at rest... Anyway...after 2 days....yes...2 days....An alarm started sounding on the fridge which I could not stop (only by turning off the whole power to the fridge!) What had happened was that the machine had came with an already broken down seal and the warm air from the house was entering the fridge, sounding the alarm for a temperature fault. I was very disappointed as you can imagine and it just brought home the truths about the previous reviews I had read before buying it. Seriously, avoid this company all together. They may look wonderful, expensive, etc - but would you buy a Ferrari that had no engine.....?