An appliance for a lifetime!

What can I say, I absolutely love this range cooker! I’d been wanting a bigger cooker due to a growing family, and have dreamt of owning a rangemaster......however, with no sugar daddy or insight to the weekends winning lottery numbers I searched to find out an alternative, and I am ecstatic that I found this Belling Farmhouse Range. It was well within my budget, in the colour I wanted, the style I wanted, the fuel I wanted and the size I wanted. It fitted in perfectly to the space we had for it and we’ve used it with ease every day since our Gas Plumber fitted and tested it. It is so easy that I could probably teach my 7 month old to use it (though I will leave teaching her the ropes of this until she’s a little older!) I love the light feature as it means that when my little one gets older we can show her the effects of putting food in the oven and she can watch it cook. Cleaning it is an absolute dream and I think I’ve already cleaned it more than I did my old one already! When it is cleaned it shines like brand new even though it has been used a bucket of times since being installed. It has made preparing food for my family so much easier as I can cook multiple things to suit a baby and adults too all at the same time. In all this has got to be the best appliance I have bought for the house and would recommend this Belling Farmhouse Range Cooker to anyone looking for an affordable yet quality range.