Space for all your fresh and frozen, oh yes! Enough to park a bus!

It's big, it's beautiful and it comes with a wine rack.... Smeg brings an all in one package that looks the part, is energy efficient but also wallet pleasing. Spending time with this fridge freezer I was able to see the benefits in the layout of the drawers and shelves and can see a lot of thought went into the separation and location of the vegetable/fruit drawer and the cheese/meat drawer. Very handy, but as with all the plastics, they are super clear and really easy to clean. The freezer unit is spacious and the deep drawers meant I could fit plenty in without overfilling. Very, very impressed here. I was a bit disappointed with the aluminum handles, well, with the plastic caps that cover the screws they didn't fit very well and looked out of place next to the beautiful handles. All in all though, a very nice unit that is cheap to run, easy to clean and can store a huge amount of food.