Feels flimsy

I've had a couple of AEG (albeit integrated) dishwashers over the last ten years and, for the money, this one feels by far the poorest in terms of build quality. Performance is very good, though drying could be better (I find myself using the 'extra dry' function a lot to get things truly dry). Sound levels are very good. Program functions are adequate, though it lacks a pre-wash (i.e. just rinse) function. Now... There's no internal light (a disappointment after my previous two machines) The feet are made of hard plastic, not rubber, so provide absolutely no grip on the floor. This, combined with the stiffness of the door latch and the odd, spring-loaded door mechanism, means that when attempting to open the door using one hand, all that happens is that the entire machine pulls across the kitchen floor. I've ended up using two rubber door stops down the side of the machine to wedge it in place.