Miele dishwasher

Given it's the only slimline semi integrated dishwasher on the market, my choice was slightly limited! I inherited the kitchen so I didn't have a choice about the replacement, I replaced the dishwasher with the same make and model, albeit a newer version, it is a great item, quick wash option is generally enough, even for a Sunday roast tin, and at 42 minutes it's a good time saving tool. Very quiet, you don't even know it's on. Looks nice, the last one lasted 18 years, so I have high hopes for this one! Fitting/installation was super easy, I am a housewife (relevant as it shows you don't need to be big and strong to fit), I removed the old one and plumbed and fitted the new one on my own, the only time consuming bit was making sure I aligned it properly with the cupboards either side, then a few screws to hold it in place and Et Voila, job done.