Good Value Dishwasher

Good dishwasher so far. Even though we use tablets, we have used rinse aid and salt to try and get a better clean than we had with last machine and so far we seem to be getting the results. As with any new machine, working out what to put where takes a bit of getting used to. We seem to be able to put a lot more plates in this one on the bottom, but possibly not as many mugs, glasses in the top basket. The top basket has these attachments down the side which sort of get in the way of mugs / glasses standing up easily but it is possible to get a lot of dishes in this machine and I would say we are having to set this off less than our previous neff appliance. Fitting, bit of a pain to be honest. To adjust the height at the front there are notches in the front legs which you are supposed to turn by jamming a screw driver in them, Gorenje NEED to replace these with ones that you turn with a spanner, which is about a hundred times quicker. Finally you get screws that you are supposed to put through the side box sections, but the screws aren't as long as the sections are thick, explain to me how you are supposed to hold a screw that you have to put completely inside a box section, fortunately mine seems to have stayed put with the screws that you put through the brackets at the top of the machine. Summary: Gorenje need to fit one of these to realise that they could make it easier, but don't get me wrong its by no means difficult, just time consuming. Once you get it in you've got a good machine !