On the face of it this fridge freezer looks promising. However there are a few design faults that make it poor value for money. Firstly the large veg box on the bottom of the fridge is not on runners, rails or wheels and therefore sits on the floor of the fridge cabinet. Others brands with large vegetable boxes do have some form of support to elevate them off the bottom of the fridge. As the box is very spacious when the box is full of vegetables and fruit it is consequently heavy and drags on the bottom of the fridge cabinet. Over time this will mark the cabinet. And for me it is difficult to pull out & push in. The second design fault is that the top shelf/draw in the freezer is not designed to be left open without support. Therefore one hand has to be on the shelf to support it making loading or taking an item out difficult. The middle draw is on a glass shelf, not practical in many ways and easily dislodged. I feel the "Active Air" feature is just a gimmick. It takes up a lot of space on the top shelf of the fridge. It does seem to help with condensation forming in the fridge when the door is open. I live alone and am not in & out of the fridge often. But without the active air feature on the fridge was very condensated and caused pools of water to form in the veg box. I was so concerned that a few days after I purchased this appliance I phoned the manufactures; their advise was to keep all veg in original wrappers and wrap all unwrapped veg in cling film once removed from manufacturers packaging!! I'd never heard of this before & certainly do not want my veg wrapped unnecessarily in cling film! As I said the Active Air feature helps with condensation within the cabinet; ideally this should not be present. The build quality seems cheap. The appliance is slimline therefore fulfilled my need. The appliance is very quite. I do not think this fridge freezer is adequate in space for a family. Summing up, I do not think this fridge freezer is value for money.