The best oven FOR sliced bread

Well okay I tried to be catchy with the review title! This is a costly unit. Not doubt about that, but the old adage is true - you get what you pay for. The general purpose, go to mode of 4d hot air (time lords take note) is brilliant and with rapid heat will hit your average 180c target in 4mins or less. From off to cooking dinner for the family in less than 4 minutes is unbelievable and very welcome. The heat is amazingly even and works well for anything from chips to full roast dinners. I’ve thrown Christmas dinner for 8+ at it and everything came out well. Pizza mode is great and really makes a difference - no more soggy bottoms (for any master chef or gbbo fans out there). Grilling is fast and even. And excellent. Steam mode is ‘fun’ and have to confess I’ve only tried it once. It certainly works. There are lots of other modes and the temperature probe when cooking roast meat is really handy. I like beef medium rare and it’s perfect every time. Guess that’s why they call it perfect roast (oh the obviousness). The slide out shelves are really good but somehow I still find myself reaching in the oven when I could avoid that. When I do use the slide out it’s one of those things you think ‘why has no one else done this’. Lastly the self cleaning modes are awesome. It leaves the oven looking like new. Like box fresh new. Just remember to keep the kitchen ventilated (rookie mistake). Actually lastly, Wi-fi connectivity is the thing you don’t need but you really. Remote control works well and you can check cooking times from anywhere. I like it. Some may not. Don’t let it detract from the great product this is. All in all this is a product of the level of quality that you would want and expect for this price. If you’re tempted to buy this oven, then believe me, you should give in to the temptation.