Great Design & Function - Poor reliability

Really thoughtfully designed and smart looking. Great small footprint for a bedside table or window cill. Three settings for screen brightness. An adjustable wheel on the side that projects time onto a celling or wall - even a slider control to crisp up the focus of the display. The radio reception wasn't bad for an analogue and the sound decent quality. There are 5 nature sounds to choose from if you need some background noise to get off to sleep (running water/underwater gurgle/rain/tweeting/waves)- a godsend if you suffer from tinnitus or local traffic or other noise. Then there's a very handy usb socket on the side for charging your phone overnight so you don't waste use up another 13amp plug socket in the bedroom- great for a guest bedroom. An internal (replaceable) battery backup which retains settings if the mains power is cut. It can be a little tricky to initially set up the alarm & radio, but when its done its done! Sounds very good doesn't it? Unfortunately mine lost all function after 11 months and I returned it for a refund. It seems I was lucky to get 11 months. Some people get only 6 months before it dies or starts malfunctioning. If you search online reviews of this model number you'll see what I mean. Lots of reviews about poor reliability- not just uk but usa, Australia an europe. If it hadn't died I'd have given it 6 stars all day long. Sony have a manufacturing issue with this model and similar models so I would recommend another model and probably brand. Even when I went looking for a replacement on the high street & net I came across this model and stared with melancholy at what could have been a great relationship waking up with my all singing all dancing Sony cube and asking her "How was it for you darling?".