Really Disappointed

I bought the fridge for the A+++ rating and 36db ~ but when I tried to fill it found the storage design really BAD!!!!!! the first bottles I put onto the wine rack touch the glass shelves above and push it up. To put anything the size of a 4 pint bottle of milk in the bottom door shelf you need to raise the middle shelf and that makes that restricted for any practical use! Apart from 4 pints of milk there is only room for one more carton and one bottle and maybe a sauce bottle that you need to stand vertical as the space on the shelves is so limited and not tall enough to stand any bottle/jar above 7” The cheese and butter storage on the top shelf in the door is useless there is not enough space to stand the butter up to max space because the lids then don’t slide over and I can’t find a way to take those lids off, if you leave one open and one closed you can store jam or something in them but there is no guard rail to hold things on the shelf. I have had to store things in the fruit/veg boxes to get all my goods into the fridge. This fridge will dominate what size goods I will be able to buy!