Do not buy this fridge if you like really cold drinks

We have not had a good time with this particular fridge freezer which I have to say is the most expensive appliance we have ever bought for the house. I have been so disappointed with this product that I felt I had to warn others. This is a great full length mirror, it will look amazing in your kitchen which if like us you may have well just modernised. Our original problem was that it was not cold enough, all our food was warm, butter was soft! Engineer called out, implied that I was a dumb blond and this particular model had different zones! REALLY so one should be warm in a fridge should it? Anyway second engineer out after 2 weeks with no cold fridge discarded food obviously, he said it needed a new part which would be another week, oh joy its only 30 degrees and we have no fridge. New fridge freezer arrives, cheese sliding drawer is a pain and no one can use it with ease. Fridge only goes to 2 degrees so if you want really cold drinks you can't. I can't express how disappointing this whole purchase has been and I will definitely be leaving this with the house when we sell. Also pointless having wireless connectivity Siemens should have spent more time making the product function well. On one positive the second AO customer service assistant was so supportive and helpful and clearly felt our pain. We have no issues with AO.COM and have always had great service from them.