The NEFF DOMINO INDUCTION HOB is an absolute joy to use - nothing could be simpler to operate & cooking control is superlative - being akin to gas in response speed time is in no way an exaggeration. With high ferrous content cookware, such as cast iron, heating is extremely quick & even - so much so that since installation I haven’t used either of my new NEFF gas domino hobs! Thanks to induction technology, using green generated electricity instead of a fossil fuel for cooking is a no compromise solution - a complete no-brainer! The hob’s glass surface is extremely easy to clean - I’m currently using non-stick (white) scouring-sponges, to be gentle on the glass, which shows no signs of scratching whatsoever. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend NEFF induction hobs to friends/family & the NEFF DOMINO range allows user defined combinations of hob types & spacing on kitchen worktops, to maximise use: eliminating the issues associated with an over-crowded range cooker. Aesthetically *stunning* on my bespoke stainless worktop - cannot overstate the beauty of the design & ease of use!