Ok but not as good as the last hob

This hob was to replace one that was seventeen years old and had given good service. We would have had the other one repaired but thought after 17 yrs there was little likelihood of spares being available. The external measurements of this new hob were not exactly the same as the old but having been reassured by ao sales rep were were assured there was a leeway of 3 cms and so we ordered. The hob was built in to a solid beech worktop with a join to accommodate a corner nearby and a trim between it and the tiled area above and we thought any adjustment would be a nightmare involving lifting the entire worktop. So. The hob arrived. Our local installer had to cut the worktop but was able to do so without lifting it. However this has left unsightly adhesive at the edges on the sides from the original installation. Turning now to the hob itself. The appearance with the metal edge is lovely. The placing of the controls is ok and the child proof lock will be useful for some. Our dog shows little interest in cooking fortunately. The hob arrived with the usual instructions in several languages but not English. That was soon resolved on the internet. In operation it beeps, a lot. The old hob was largely silent except if it was switching itself off. Slightly more concerning is that it seems less powerful. What was simmering in my pans that seal in heat and operate mostly by steam once the heat has built up ie level 1 now requires 3 or 4. That’s going to be a big adjustment for me in using it. I haven’t used the boost or timer yet. To have the latter on all areas will potentially be a benefit.