Great looking with good build quality and features

This oven looks great and the build quality is very good. This is our first electric oven due to moving to an area with no gas supply and we were worried about the controls on the hob having used electric before and finding them slow and difficult to adjust, however the induction controls are fantastic and adjust with a swipe rather than a press and are just sensitive enough which makes the temperature control easy to adjust quickly, the boost function is also great heating water in seconds!!. The oven controls are easy to see and adjust when looking down on them and the ovens are good sizes, the splitter for the right hand oven is handy to turn it into 4 separate ovens. The black glass looks great when the ovens are off but becomes see through when the ovens are on which is very handy to keep an eye on things. The only draw back that we have found is that the wheels at the back of the oven for moving it stick out against the wall so the oven has a gap of approx 30mm between the top and the wall which the AO fitters advised is normal.