A statement piece

I was essentially looking for a statement TV for the front room and that’s exactly what this TV is all about and I havent stopped receiving comments about it! It’s certainly stylish and unique in design and pretty special in white and on white furniture which was the design I was after. It isn’t mountable on a wall but it can be stood on the stands with the cabling nice and tidy and the panel on the back keeps everything tidy with plenty of ports. The TV is sturdy and weighty and has doubled up as a shelf as it has a nice platform on the top. The QLED screen may not be the best on the market but it is certainly not bad either. It can be quite a pricey TV but if you’re after something different and a designer piece this TV is certainly worth the consideration. I bought the 49 inch TV for my small front room and it is a centre piece to the room without being overbearing. The TV is also an art piece with the vibe screens for different settings and the artwork you can display so it becomes more of a feature than just a black screen when not in use by setting the ambience screen to your mood. It is easy to set up, connect to WiFi and also connect up to your media devices. The remote is slick and has one click buttons to your Netflix, prime video and Samsung TV channels. It has a lot of value and has certainly improved my TV experience. It’s an impressive TV and certainly special with the design and unique features. This is more than just a TV it’s a TV to suit your lifestyle and a modern addition to any home.