Sturdy, strong looks good

i have had this oven for three months. Pleased with look and build quality but too many design faults for such an expensive oven. my main criteria for a range was self clean ovens. Yes, this has self clean side liners in both ovens but to remove " the removable" roof liner (not self clean) one needs to be a contortionist to reach in the ovens on ones knees to locate and remove two butterfly screws whilst holding the heating element clear to slide the liner out. The light in the ovens are located to one side so, I needed a torch to see if the back of the floor was clean. When using the top shelf of the ovens one cannot see the food cooking on the top shelf as the windows are too low. Consequently the same situation when grilling food. One cannot see if using the top shelf. Bad design, because the door cannot be left open to watch grilling food as the control knobs get too hot to touch and will get damaged. Induction hob squeels on full power which is very annoying. Spent months researching which oven to buy and still not all I needed or wanted. Cooks everything ok but cleaning is a nightmare. Hope the designers read my review and improve it in the future