A very good Fridge Freezer

I have had this fridge freezer for a week and am very happy with it so far. Firstly it’s a great looking appliance which although that may not sound important it’s the difference between something that just does its job and a fridge freezer you look forward to using. Because it’s nice and spacious inside you don’t need to worry about constantly rearrange the contents to try and squeeze in leftovers or the last few items of your shop which again makes is a pleasure to use. The controls are easy to understand and use and include a few nice features like an alarm for if the doors have been left open or a bottle chill timer that reminds you about the bottle you left in the freezer to cool off quickly. There is also a fast freeze mode if you need to get things frozen quickly. The whole thing runs very quietly and does not give the impression of having to work hard to maintain a constant temperature. A warning I would give a potential buyer of this fridge freezer is that it is quite large and can look imposing if placed on the wrong location. Fortunately it comes casters making it easy to reposition (we tried it in about 3 places before we were happy with it). Also the freezer draw is quite loud when opened and vibrates slightly from the draw runners. With a cheaper fridge freezer you might not even notice this. It is only because everything else is so streamlined that it is a shame this lets it down slightly. Overall I would recommend this fridge freezer to anyone who wants a really good quality French door fridge freezer with lots of space.