Good suction

This Russell Hobbs Sabre cordless handheld stick vacuum is powered by a Lithium-Ion battery that can provide up to 25 minutes of continuous run time. It comes with a smart looking white LED light to light up dark places and a handy LED light that indicates how much power is left. Inside the box, it comes with the handheld unit (with detachable battery & dustbin), extension tube, 2 in 1 crevice tool, floor head, docking cradle & screws, charger and instructions. It took me under a minute to fix the whole vacuum cleaner together. Easy-peasy. For the first use, they recommend that it is charged it for at least 5 hours and the charging point can be found on top of the handle of the vacuum cleaner. This vacuum cleaner is not designed to be left standing upright as it can cause the vacuum cleaner to fall over due to its weight. It is best to use it with the docking cradle for safety and save floor space. The vacuum cleaner looks good in silver and white trim. Its colour should suit any home. Its weight is around 1.9kg which is acceptable. After a few seconds of use, you won’t notice the weight of the vacuum cleaner. I like that there are no hidden costs, like buying dust bags or changing filters. The dust empties directly from the vacuum cleaner into your bin. The capacity of the dustbin is 0.5 litre which is good enough for at least 4 or more uses. The filter is easily removed by pinching the material of the filter to release it. They recommend washing the filter with warm water to keep it in the best condition and allowing to dry for 24 hours. One of the great things about this vacuum cleaner is the ability to remove the whole bin compartment. It makes cleaning so easy around the inner motor. It comes with two different nozzles and an extension tube which are easy to attach. For the floor head, if hair or string gets tangled inside the brush, simply push and pull the lock on the brush cover and take out the brush to remove any tangle. I do find it quite disappointing that the white cap on the side of the brush bar came off when I removed it! It was a bit greasy but luckily it does go back and works perfectly. One feature I love about this floor head is the white LED light on the front. It helps to illuminate the area in front of the floor head, so you can see any dust/dirt even in dark areas or if I’m casting shadows over it. This floor head has a wide opening which covers plenty of floor area. I do find it quite useful. One negative point for this floor head is that it does not glide effortlessly as I can feel the resistance against it. I guess another way to look at it is that it could be a positive point to allow you to vacuum slower, in order to suck everything up. The 2 in 1 crevice tool is quite plasticky all over but it still feels like a solid tool. The brush attachment on the tool does not slide very easily which can be quite annoying. This vacuum cleaner comes in two suction modes: normal or Eco. I find that the Eco mode is best to use on hard floors but not carpet. The suction is reduced and vacuuming carpet becomes hard work. Personally, I would just use the normal mode for all my tasks. Overall it has good suction and there are no hidden costs. It’s easy to maintain and clean. This handheld vacuum cleaner is not only for floors, but it can also be used with the different nozzles to reach around the house and in the car too! It will make a good addition for smaller jobs around the house without getting your existing large corded vacuum cleaner out.