Good Performance, But Patchy Coverage

I have had several robotic vacuum cleaners in the past and as far as pick up performance goes, this Roomba is the best so far. Instead of a regular single rotating central brush or brush and flexible roller, this Roomba uses two flexible rollers that are designed to clean without getting tangled with pet hair or other debris. I found this system to be very effective at cleaning my short pile carpets and vinyl kitchen floor, but the side spinning brush wasn't that great at flicking debris into the central rollers, especially on carpets. When the Roomba senses a lot of dirt, the robot starts to move back and forth in a similar way to a traditional vacuum until the area is cleaned. I found the Roomba easy to use and straightforward to empty and schedule a cleaning programme, but the lack of an included virtual wall means you will have to close the door or put up a barrier to prevent it going where you don't want it to. Emptying the bin was easy, but it's a job that should be done after each cleaning cycle as it has a fairly small capacity. If you forget to empty the Roomba, a light will illuminate on the panel to remind you. The filter should be brushed or tapped clean at least once a week, or twice a week if you have pets. The rollers can be removed for cleaning, but they will require much less maintenance than regular brushes. During my demonstration video, I did notice the Roomba missed a few areas, especially in my kitchen, but it did better on my living room carpet, though still left a couple of patches uncleaned. Robotic vacuum cleaners are not a replacement for a traditional machine, but they are a useful aid in keeping dust and pet hair down on a daily basis. Obviously they can only tackle carpets and floors, so you will need another vacuum for cleaning your stairs, upholstery and anything above floor level. Saying that, I would still recommend this Roomba as it does leave the carpets looking cleaner with no effort on my part, even though it may occasionally miss the odd spot.