It's a game changer

Roomba 960 Review Many people often talk about something being a life-changer. It is only a slight exaggeration to put the Roomba 960 Robotic Vacuum Cleaner in that bracket. If ever you want a reminder that we are living in the 21st century, a robot vacuum cleaner must surely be up there! Leaving its home base charger unit, it glides across the floor making light work of the dust and fluff that it comes across. Up and down all by itself, gently manoeuvring around whatever obstacles lie in its path. A table leg? No problem. A skirting board? Pah. Don't be fooled if at first it appears to miss a bit; it will return to cover the ground it missed on a second sweep. Since doing a video review, in the last few days we've even found out that it also has a spot cleaning function. We have already made good use of this underneath our toddlers dining chair area!! If I have one gripe it is that the dust compartment fills up fairly quickly so while it is true that you can leave it to "do its thing" (or even control it from another room in the house using the Roomba App), you'll still need to keep an eye to make sure it isn't full. Because the Roomba 960 can get under some sofas, sideboards and beds (areas that might not usually get so thorough a clean... at least in our house), the first few times you use it the frequent emptying of dust may be more noticeable. Also keep an eye out for cables which it could snag upon. Suction is good, operating is easy, the house is cleaner than ever before. Welcome to the future!