A great little helper

There is one main thing to be aware of with this, which is that it isn't quite big enough or powerful enough to replace your main vacuum cleaner - but that isn't why we got it, so that's fine. Putting that aside, as long as you're happy that it's really there to keep on top of the cleaning and free up some of your time, there are a lot of positives! In the box you'll find your robot, the brushes which are easily attached, your remote, batteries, docking station and plug, and manuals. It's lovely quality, as you'd expect, and a really nice looking piece of kit. Very easy to set up and get going, you can have a little go straight out of the box, but the battery will soon need a full charge. Again, easy to set up, the manual says that the docking station should have clearance around it of 0.5m either side and 1.5m in front so that will have some bearing on where you plug it in. You'll need to make sure there aren't too many obstacles in the way, ours went under a large modular sofa and there are quite a few legs under there so it struggled a bit! But, it does come with a magnetic strip that can be used to mark off areas you don't want it to go. It will cleverly work its way around a room, finding the most efficient route and works beautifully in a large clear space. But it will also work its way around things, like a kitchen island, just fine. There are multiple controls on the remote and the unit, with really clear instructions for each in the manual. It can start from the base and just keep going until it's been everywhere or you can start it somewhere and do a spot clean with a 1.8m circumference. It can also be programmed, and we have ours set to come out at 7pm each night, by which time everyone has had their tea at the island and created a fair amount of crumbs. It is nice knowing that will get cleared up without me having to find the time to keep on top of it as there are always other things to be doing! It also means that come the weekend, the floors are relatively clean so all that's left are more stubborn things like fluff that's really worked its way into the carpet or stray bits that have have managed to evade the bot! It's good for homes with pets, not only because they find it absolutely fascinating, but it's an easy way to keep on top of cleaning. Capacity is fine, seems small but really it's equal to a handheld and definitely sufficient for its daily sweep, you will just need to empty after each run out. Overall, a really nice thing to have.