Stylish modern oven

After spending a few days getting used to how my new oven works I can honestly say it is a beautiful stylish oven that regulates the temperature throughout cooking. I have already used it to create a range of dishes for my large family. It did take a little while to get used to the buttons on the front and how to adjust anything however I think that was down to me not reading the instructions properly rather than the cooker itself. There is a downside. As I have a toddler the buttons on the front are very appealing to her meaning that when it isn't in use I have to turn the cooker off at the wall meaning that as soon as I turn it back on it has completely reset. I wonder if maybe a future design idea would to be to add a child lock feature as seen on other large kitchen appliances. The oven itself is fantastic and great quality if you are looking for something stylish but affordable