very solid

Fridge hasn't been running that long but so far so good. Door and shelf quality excellent - feels solid and easy to clean - no cheap brittle plasics like my other fridge. Very well insulated and runs quiet, and excellent energy rating. These of course are subjective comments compared to my older fridge. Lighting is very bright LED. Temperature controls easily accessible from front of fridge with doors closed. Simple to use and not overly complex. Lots of space in fridge and freezer compartments. Only issue was that delivery team had to disassemble fridge to get through doorway as too wide. Doors came off okay with battery drill and generally easy to put back together. However if you buy this fridge - you WILL need a delivery team of at least 2 and perhaps 3 guys. Its a HUGE fridge. Its not something you could lift of move yourself. When I compared prices of comparatively sized fridges, this one was the best considering the energy rating but doesn't come with trinkets like ice dispencer (which i rarely use anyway) or connecting to the internet (which i would never use)