A nice little luxury to have

Battery life good, I charge it every day and a half. Comfortable on wrist. Good size face and a stylish modern look. Does what I need it to and more. My main bugbear is that I'm having some trouble getting rid of a repetitive notification which is coming from the music app. I have to clear the notification about 20 times a day. Tried altering settings on the phone but made no difference: annoying when I feel a vibration on my wrist and think its an important message but its just the music app asking me of i want to play the 2 tracks it received! I like the sleep tracking app very much, so clever how it can detect REM sleep. Also its reassuring to know that if I'm out and forget my phone in an emergency I can pay for things using Samsung Pay on the watch itself. Shame you have to pay to use the Vodafone 4g service for this wearable device and I cant just share my existing plan which provides more than enough data and mins etc.