Pretty but flawed

I was skeptical when it was suggested we go for a retro fridge freezer, not least because of the price tag meaning you're seemingly paying for image above substance. I think that this to some extent is correct however the product seems to chill well, efficiently and it has no perceivable sound. First impressions, wow, look how pretty it is. Second impression, why is it covered in dents? Unfortunately the material used to make this fridge looks to be some sort of plastic coated metal. It's quite shiny and reflective, to the point that you can see reflections enough to see the most minor of dents, the sort where you can't even feel the dent. We had to have the first one replaced by AO as it was damaged internally, (the box wasn't, which suggests foul play in the factory to me). Both had "minor" marks on the outside, on any other fridge they wouldn't be noticeable but on this they are due to reflections. All in all it's a lovely looking fridge, but I don't think the internals are particularly great in their design. They're flimsy and feel like given a few years' use there will be cracks etc, Something like a Bosch at this price point would be flawless and very configurable. The Swan is pretty but not comparable in terms of design for function. Had I not pretty much built our kitchen to house this exact size of fridge, i'd probably send it back. On the balance, it's great for aesthetics, however the internals and quality/durability of the finish could do with work. Just resting on the front of this fridge seems like it would dent it. For the price I expected "excellent". I think we got "good".