Like having clouds on your ears!

These headphones are amazing, I was looking for a good gaming headset for PS4 and that had a good mix and amazing comfort and I can tell you now that these headphones tick all the boxes. From the awesome magnetic removable ear cushions for easy cleaning, to the amazing ear air technology that makes long gaming hours feel like a breeze, these headphones blew me away. Audio quality is astounding and ultra comfortable. I struggle wearing headphones for more than an hour as I get very hot ears and they get red but with these headphones I can play for up to 5 hours or more without feeling a thing. It even has an awesome custom indentation in the ear cups that makes room for your glasses that can be adjustable from inside the ear cups if you have thick or thin glasses. I almost feel like these headphones were too cheap for how good they were as they are so comfortable, sound amazing, feel amazing and so darn convenient. The mic is also out of this world. thank u, next ??