Great functionality...No signal

I do live in the country but I hoped that paying a good price for a decent DAB radio would be OK. I bought it, primarily, to use as an alarm clock. Unfortunately the position I would like to use the alarm clock FM DAB radio, i.e the bedroom, I get very poor reception and can only get the BBC Channels on DAB that is until we turn the LED lights on in the bathroom and the DAB signal disappears completely. In fact I had to tell the wife to use the bathroom in the dark as I was listening to the FA Cup. The instructions state that the unit cannot be positioned near Led lights and for poor reception move it to another room. I presume you would have to turn it up really loud to hear the alarm clock in the bedroom if the unit is in the kitchen!!? The unit itself looks great and has all the functionality that I could desire and I am sure, in the centre of a large town, it would be fine, however, I am more concerned about the poor FM reception as my old Ghetto Blaster, that is possibly 35+ years old, does absolutely fine. Can't be more help than that at the moment.