Has lasted under a year

I've had a love hate relationship with this device. To give balance I advise you to seek other reviews as well as mine and believe them. I'll start with the good. When it has worked, it's played the radio station I wanted, so it's done the basic. Now the bad. It loses connectivity quite regularly and switches to another station inbetween. To live in a high reception area and have it drop connection is a surprising notion to begin with. The software in this device is the most bewildering thing. When you turn it on it is unresponsive for about a minute. It's behaving like PC starting up. It's only a radio! So it freezes on start up for about a minute. Yesterday though, this gave up completely after 11 months. The sound dropped and I thought it was a connectivity thing. The screen froze with the time on 13.17. At 14.00 and no reset button I thought it was going to run the battery down and I'd recharge it later. It's not recovered since. Charged up but no turn on. I can only caution again, look at other reviews. I should have.