A very good machine, but not perfect.

This is a very good machine, the reason I have only given it 4 stars is because, the very first wash we put on failed to spin out, this was one hoody that just needed a quick freshen up. The problem was that the hoody held so much water, the drum sensor kept stopping the machine from spinning because of the uneven weight distribution. We had to wring it out a bit by hand before the machine could cope with it. On the plus side my 11 year old loves the digital display and now asks to put the machine on, although I'm not sure how long this will last. We like the flexibility of the options to alter the washes. My favourite feature by far is the fact that the door can be opened the moment the wash finishes, all our previous machines had a delay before they would allow me to open the door, which is something that has always annoyed me.